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Lunch Menu

Raclette Bowl

Service from 11am to 5pm / Tue-Sun

La Petite

Comfort Food! Traditional Swiss melted cheese dish with cured meat, seasoned potatoes, onions and cornichons.

Portable cheese board for one packed with flavors!

3 Cheeses or 2 Cheeses and 1 Meat

With accompaniments

$ 18

Add side Soup or Salad   


See our FEATURE BOARD at the Bistro for details on:

$ 18


Dinner Menu

L’Apéro Experience

(minimum of 2 guests)


A cheese board dinner which includes 3 curated cheeses, 1 cured meat (vegetarian options available), bistro salad, crackers, baguette and an array of other accompaniments.  Choose from tonight’s featured cheese and meat.

$26 per guest


Indulge by adding:


Cheese $8      Meat $8      Petites Bouchées

Service from 5pm to 11pm / Thur-Sat


Vin et Fromage


A daily pairing of a flight of three wines and three cheeses.



Raclette (minimum of 2 guests)


A traditional Swiss melted cheese dish that includes seasoned, roasted potatoes, cured meat, marinated onions, cornichons, bistro salad and other accompaniments.  The top of a half wheel of raclette is melted and scraped onto the dish at the table which makes for some impressive Instagram posts!

$26 per guest

Encore:  Indulge in a second raclette scrape for $9

 Les Petites Bouchées



Pâté de Campagne

Country style pâté, cornichons, Dijon, baguette.



Stuffed Medjool Dates

Saint Agur blue, candied pecans.



Cured Dried Mackerel

Dill sour cream with greens and sesame vinaigrette.



Bâtons Tapenades

Tapenade puff pastry twist.




Ricotta and sautéed tomatoes.



Polpette al sugo

Traditional meatballs stewed in Italian marinara sauce.

Small  $14

Large  $19


La Petite

An individual cheese board.  Choose to enjoy:

3 curated cheeses or

2 curated cheeses and one cured meat



Bistro Salad

Mixed Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Chevre,

Black Garlic Dressing.  Served with baguette.



Soupe du Jour

Served with baguette.

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