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Guillaume is a real cheeseaholic… of course, he is French!

Growing up, he lived in Lyon and spent a lot of time in Alsace, Franche-Comté and Rhône-Alpes, regions well-known for their wines and cheeses. Introduced at a young age to some of the most iconic French cheeses and later wine, he developed a strong appetite for authentic regional products. Each place he visited was an opportunity to taste new ones. He would then organize apéros to share his discoveries with others.

Years later, he moved to Victoria. As usual when exploring a new city, he went on a quest to finding a good cheese shop and discovered Ottavio in Oak Bay. He ended up up becoming the cheese monger for Ottavio and expanded his culinary horizon to North American Cheeses.

One of the cultural aspects Guillaume misses the most from France is the evening ritual called Apéro. That’s why he decided to open a business allowing him to share his passion for cheese, cured meat and good times!
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