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The Italiano

Baguette, Mushroom spread, Mortadella, Sauvagine, greens.

$ 12

Bistro Salad

Tomatoes, Onions, Bocconcini, Olives, Greens, Balsamic Dressing

$ 14


Tomatoes and red pepper bisque.

$ 13

Mariage Vin et Fromage

Paillot de Chèvre

Quebec, Canada

Pasteurized Goat

The name means hay to remind how cheesemakers used to insert piece of straw in the centre of the log to provide support while transporting. The creamline under the rind is runny with a sweet taste, the texture becomes firmer toward the center. Flavours are balanced.

Les Pins de Camille Picpoul de Pinet

Languedoc, France

Classic Picpoul, grassy, citrus and mineral on the nose. Displaying a sharp Granny Smith apple flavour. Some light walnut/almond notes, beautiful freshness. Firm acidity and balanced sugar. Medium finish.

P'tit Basque

Pays Basque, France

Pasteurized Sheep

Literally Lil’ Basque referring to a region between France and Spain. Used to be handmade by shepherds from left over curds set aside from milking their ewes .Semi-hard cheese with a basket-weave pattern on the rind. Smooth, sweet flavor with a nutty finish.

Côte des Roses

Languedoc, France

'Made from Nebbiolo and Grenache grapes in the beautiful region of Provence.

Light to medium body. Aromas of watermelon, raspberry and rose petals. Fresh palate with a nice acidity and some minerality. Flavours of red berries, peach, lemon zest and white floral.

Fourme d'Ambert

Auvergne, France

Pasteurized Cow

One of the first blue cheese ever made, the origin of this cheese can be traced back to the Roman period. The name comes from the container used to mold it, a “Fourma”, which gives it its iconic tall cylindrical shape. Texture is dense and creamy. Flavours are sweet and salty, mushroomy and sharp.

Bin 27, Fonseca

Duriense, Portugal

Full bodied sweet Port. Aged for 4 years in oak barrel, 

Intense on the nose, aromas of prune, black cherry, butterscotch, chocolate notes and tobacco. Flavours of vanilla, licorice, coffee, chocolate, black pepper, mocha, dark fruit Plum, Blackberry and cherry.

Minerality and saltiness match the wine fruit notes and viscuous body. 

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